Trustworthy Dog Kennels

In the Scottish Countryside

Anxious about leaving your beloved dog behind while you are away on a holiday? Don’t worry, you can leave your pet with us at Coupans Kennels. Our dog kennels welcome pets from Dunblane, Callander, Comrie and Stirling.

Established over 20 years ago in rural Scotland, our property covers 10 acres and has 34 kennels that are big enough to share and 6 individual luxury kennels. Feel free to contact us for more information on our pet boarding and care services.

Comforting nervous dogs

Our kennels are designed to be friendly and welcoming to help soothe and settle anxious dogs and nervous puppies. Our team of pet carers understand the needs of dogs and can help your pet get used to being away from home.

We ask that all pets are vaccinated so we can keep our premises free of any illnesses.

Our pet boarding services include:

  • Vet facilities

  • Catering for special dietary requirements

  • Administration of medication

  • On-site security

  • Dog walks twice a day